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26 Aug 10 The best phone on the market

While the Samsung Vibrant that my wife has is technically superior to my Nexus One, it’s not a better phone.

When my wife and I are lying in bed watching TV and hear the notification chime, that both of us are to lazy to change, we wouldn’t know whose phone it was save for the lightup track ball on my N1. Ericcson got this right, back in the day, with the t39 that had an LED with different colours for battery states. Flashing LED makes it a breeze to find the phone the dark. The N1 trackball LED has different colors for emails, vs IM, vs missed calls. It also has an LED to indicate charging status AND and LED as a flash. The vibrant has none 🙁
LED’s, baby, are the wave of the future (not the google wave, mind you).
N1’s other better features: metal frame, @cyanogenmod focus, 2 microphones, and maybe FM radio.
Fantasy phone: iPhone with lots of LED’s and running Android.

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